June 24, 2021

Empowering Ummah

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  Ummah at Heart

The ummah at large is facing a challenge that is unprecedented.  Various role players and contributors share their insights, experiences and work as they tackle the challenges this ummah is currently facing. _

                    Listen to:
              Sister Shameema Kolia
                  & Br. Ali Chaudhry

discuss  Muslim Aid Australia and the online community space ‘The Muslim Town Hall’  currently being set-up to serve as a Onestop online platform for those seeking assistance, donors and as an information station as we navigate through the turbulence of Covid – 19.

           Sunday, 29th March
                  7pm – 8pm

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

        Insha Allah Safwah Online :

            JUZ A DAY RECITAL

      Daily at 6:30am ( WA time)

one of our local Ulama/ Huffaz will be reciting a Juz a day of the Quran al-Kareem – with the intention of completing an entire recital during sha’ban.

The objective is to prepare ourselves for ramadaan and draw from the blessing and barakah of the Quran al – Kareem during this time.

To benefit you could:

  • either follow by looking in your Quran as the reciter is reciting.
  • listen to the Quran being recited.

Attached above  is the schedule of the reciters And Juz being recited.

May Allah Ta’ala reward our Ulama and Huffaz who have availed themselves.