June 17, 2024

Empowering Ummah

ABN 98 163 220 438

Friday Prayer Booking

Jumaah prayer is now moving at Huzzard Studio

**Important! Read this!


No Wudhu Facility

All information details will be deleted every 3 weeks.

First-Come-First-Serve basis

(Two session)

Should have tickets

First session : 12.30 – 1.10PM (Entry Check Closed in 12.45)

Second session : 1.20 – 1.55PM (Entry Check closed in 1.25)

Click here for directions

101 Murray street Musallah is Open Everyday

Zuhr, Asr and Magrib Daily prayer only (no registration needed).

It is limited to 19 persons (Daily Prayer) and 40 persons (Jumaah Prayer) allowed at a time.