June 17, 2024

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Second bite- food waste solutions

Fresh food rescue to benefit poverty, hunger and our environment and climate. 

It is alarming that over 1.2 million people in Australia do not have enough to eat, whilst at the same time $5.2 billion of quality, nutritious food is sent to rot in landfill every year.

SecondBite’s network of generous food donors, volunteers and Australia-wide reach ensures that people who don’t have enough to eat can regularly and easily access good quality nutritious fresh food.

Each month, SecondBite redistributes around 290,000 kilograms of fresh food to over 480 agencies and food programs that work at the front line of food poverty, enabling them to provide over 580,000 nutritious meals every day to benefit the most vulnerable members of our community: people who are homeless, escaping domestic violence, suffering mental health problems or addictions, experiencing financial difficulty, or disadvantaged and marginalised by cultural or social isolation.