June 7, 2023

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Perth City Musallah Association Incorporated

In The Name Of Allah, Most Benevolent, Most Merciful
In The Name Of Allah, Most Benevolent, Most Merciful

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam.

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rehmatullah e Wa Barakatuhu,

Perth City Musallah Association Incorporated Reg No.A1009009J

Old Musallah at Trinity Building was shut down on 7 January 2013 after 12 years. Special thanks and prayers go to Mr J.P.M Thomson, the Chairperson of Trinity Property Committee and a Church Council member of 2001. Muslim Students League of Australia Inc (WA) and Perth Mosque Inc Trustee Mohammad Ayub Khan, were very kind is providing us the means and support to maintain a Muslim prayer room for Perth’s CBD workers and students. May Allah’s blessings be upon them for their support and compassion.

What are we doing to re-establish City Musallah

A working interim committee was established in late January 2013 and tasked to search for a potential space for lease within the CBD.

A temporary prayer facility for zhur prayer is provided by City of Perth on a ad hoc booking basis at Citiplace Community Centre. We thank City of Perth for its support and understanding in making available community hire rooms for us.

Room availability in March 2013

Zhur prayer only:

  • 5 March 2013 Tuesday – Downstairs Room
  • 12 March 2013- Tuesday- Downstairs Room
  • 26 March 2013- Tuesday- Upstairs Room

Unfortunately we do not have any other days.

Your support is needed

Perth City Musallah Association Incorporated (PCMAI), is a not-for-profit charitable trust that invites regular users of city musallah to become monthly financial members to help contribute towards running costs of a prayer room in order to maintain smooth running of the Muslim prayer service in the CBD.

Establishment of a prayer place: A historic insight

Establishment of prayer places is nothing unusual, as we follow the same tradition as our early Muslim settlers and indentured labourers of the 19th century who toiled the lands of Western Australia. These early Muslims of Western Australia built iconic places of worship such as the historic Perth Mosque in 1905. Western Australia’s Muslim history has rich tapestry of religious culture and perseverance and this is well expounded in Bilal Cleland’s booklet: Please click on link below to have a read:-

WA Muslim History

Please contact PCMAI Membership Registrar for your financial support for the Perth City Musallah project.

E-mail: perthcitymusallah@gmail.com
You are welcome to register your intention to become a financial member by clicking on the link below:-

Perth City Musallah Financial Support Form

You can make your membership payment or donations help pay lease at the following Bank Account:
B.S.B: 306188
ACCOUNT No. 0029933