February 22, 2024

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Emergency measures for new local community COVID case

New restrictions are in effect for Perth and Peel region from 6:00pm 23rd December 2021 to 6:00 am 28th December 2021.

These public health and social measures include:

  • Mandatory mask wearing for all public indoor settings and on public transport;
  • Certain high-risk large-scale events, such as music festivals, will be cancelled and nightclubs will be closed; and dancing is banned except for weddings; and
  • Anyone who has been in Perth and Peel since December 16 and enters another regional area is required to wear a mask as per requirements in Perth-Peel. Travel to remote Aboriginal communities remain restricted.

Measures that are currently in place are subjected to constant review by the chief health officer, who would continue to monitor and provide ongoing advice.

WA department of health is currently contact tracing to identify close and casual contacts, and locations visited. The general public are asked to continue to check the exposure sites list regularly and monitor their health and get immediately and self-quarantine, if symptoms may appear.

For more information on the latest updates visit the link below: