September 19, 2021

Empowering Ummah

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Australian Halal Food Awards

We are excited to announce the Australian Halal Food Awards. With over 50+ Categories we have nearly everything covered. This is a great way for people to nominate Restaurants, Cafes, Butchers, Products – anything that is suitable for the Halal Consumer. The team at Halal Food felt it was time to lead into the market and recognise the value that many in the Food Industry deserve. We want to promote a Positive Message in supporting those that give us the best flavours to enjoy on our night out with family and friends. Nominating is free and we are working on a range of promotions to give thanks to those participating. Feel free to read our blogs which outline all our Categories, Rules, and Features. InsyaAllah with your support we can bring a change to the Australian market and give recognition to those out there in Australia that feeds us. http://halalfoodawards.com.au/