December 2, 2022

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4 day lockdown update

Lockdown update

Salaams brothers and sisters, please note that at 12:01 am (3rd July 2021), the previously imposed lockdown for the past 4 days will end.

Perth and Peel will however be under restrictions until the 12th of July. Starting tonight at 12:01 am today interim lockdown conditions will be imposed, and these controls will remain until the 6th of July on an interim basis. Following which transitional restrictions will be in place until 12:01 am (12th July 2021)

The Musallah will be open however MASKS must be worn, patrons must register with safeWA app or write down their details on the register provided ON ARRIVAL.

4 square meters must be maintained therefore, 5 patrons will only be allowed to pray at a time. Following the end of the interim restrictions on the 6th this condition will change.

PCMA will also not be having Jummah in the following week as well to reduce the risk of handling large crowds until the restrictions are eased.

Click on the link below to find out more details