July 6, 2020

Empowering Ummah

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Proposed reform of Racial Discrimination Act is a bad move


Perth City Musallah Association Incorporated joined 212, 480 Australian citizens in expressing their rejection of the proposed reform of Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth). The proposed repeal of Section 18c of the Act that gives people the right to insult or mock people under guise of free speech  is stupid to say the least. The repeal of section 18c will mean that anyone can racially discriminate in public and encourage hate crimes against minority groups in a very multicultural society. Perth City Musallah Association as a charitable trust that advocates  for protecting office workers from multicultural, Muslim backgrounds  in the provision of religious service is against all forms of race discrimination on any grounds. No law should promote community disharmony but laws should build communities and bring people together for the common good. There has to be a balance between right to free speech with community’s obligation to protect vulnerable groups from hate crimes. Perth City Musallah Association Inc rejects the proposed ‘community standards test’ because it overlooks the diverse nature of Australian society and the need to protect and promote civil harmony and peace.