Sun. May 31st, 2020

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Immigration Minister Tony Burke says asylum seekers could be held indefinitely in PNG – ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Immigration Minister Tony Burke says asylum seekers could be held indefinitely in PNG – ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Newly arrived asylum seekers will now  have a chance  of becoming Papua New Guineas residents or its lawful citizens bringing about long term ethnic and but subtle  demographic change to the Pacific state.

Afghani Hazara refugees to become Papua New Guineans.
Afghani Hazara refugees to become Papua New Guineans.

Papua New Guinea is a former Australian colony that gained political independence in 1975, potentially the Melanesian island is resource rich  whose  tribal based  indigenous  Christian and Muslim sub-communities should be able to accommodate  ethnic  Afghani Hazaras,  Iranians and Vietnamese asylum seekers as these refugees are very resilient people and can bring long term benefit to the Papua New Guinea state. Understandably asylum seekers would have liked to stay in Australia as permanent residents but when they throw away their travel documents only demonstrates their ill-devised plan that  frustrates Australian authorities from establishing their true identities.

Papua New Guinea is a Commonwealth state whose passport is a friendly document in the middle east region that will enable  its Papua New Guinea citizens of middle east heritage to further enhance Papua New Guinea’s international standing as a non- racist global citizen.

Australian tax payer must fund their resettlement in the Papua New Guinea  as this should form part of the Memorandum of Understanding between Canberra and Port Moresby anything less will be foolishness.

There is too much noise in the popular media with  racist reactions and its anti-Muslim cheerleaders, but this is a ground breaking policy may that may work but will be very costly for the  average Australian taxpayer. This is something no one has seriously considered, that is for how long Australia will dole Port Moresby to house, feed and educate these new immigrants?

There is no mention in any credible  media reports of  white skin European nationals who live in Australia illegally or  statistics on  how many  people have claimed  asylum in our international airports. All we hear is boats! and more boats!

There is no question Afghani Hazara’s are the most prosecuted group that requires  special attention by the federal government.

International Humanitarian law aims to protect all asylum seekers but there is very little the Australian courts can do if Australia and other countries bind agreements to ease each others political burdens.

There is no  doubt, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s move is very popular and may be a shrewd election ploy retain Labor’s political power leaving the opposition Coalition party led by Tony Abbott flabbergasted as to how did Rudd steal the show yet again?

Internationally Australia’s reputation  in protection of  human rights of asylum seekers will take a hammering but the trade off for  Papua New Guinea and other Pacific States is help re-settle these refugees  in the ‘Pacific way’ by giving them a second chance in life and a safe haven from all the wars and ethnic killings.

As for the middle eastern and Hazaras refugees they have to be thankful that they will be offered a United Nations registration as protected people and an opportunity to rebuild their lives in the South Pacific  as Papua New Guineans or Solomon Islanders in peace and harmony paid for by Australian tax dollars until such time they can get back on their feet as respectable citizens of the Pacific.